Neem, Virgin

Neem, Virgin


Neem Virgin

Vegetable / Carrier Oil

Product Name: Neem Virgin
INCI Name/Ingredients: Melia Azadirachta
Country of Origin: India
Extraction/ Production Method: Extracted from the seed
Appearance/ Characteristics: Green-brown liquid with a typical neem odour


Neem oil has a tendency to go cloudy when cold. The fatty acids in neem oil crystallise at temperatures below 25°C, causing the oil to solidify. As the temperature drops closer to the 25°C mark, the more temperature sensitive fatty acids start to "clot", giving the appearance of sediment. This is a natural process to be expected in the product. The quality of the oil is unaffected if it has a cloudy appearance. Simply placing the bottle in a room above 25°C will result in the oil returning to a liquid state.

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