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Carrier oils, also known as base oils extracted from a vegetable, nut or fruit source which are typically used to dilute essential oils or absolutes. Carrier oils do not have a concentrated aroma neither do they evaporate and are produced by either cold pressing or maceration.

Our organic products are certified by The Soil Association, their standards ensure the highest possible standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection through principles of health, ecology, fairness and care. Solidifying our commitment to ethical standards as well as excellent quality.

Organic Vegetable Carrier Oils (30)

Almond, Sweet Organic


Apricot Kernel Organic


Argan Organic


Avocado, Virgin Organic


Borage Seed Virgin CP Organic (Starflower)


Castor Organic


Chia Seed Organic


Coconut, Fractionated Organic (liquid)


Coconut, Refined Organic (Solid)